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This outdoor course of fire was designed for new shooters or anyone seeking an authentic “precision rifle” experience on the finest outdoor range in Indiana.

This package includes:

  • Outdoor Range Fees and three (3) Hillside Targets

  • Ruger Precision 22LR rifle with RITON scope

  • One hour of personalized instruction provided by a Hillside Range Safety Officer (RSO)

  • Personalized Range Safety Overview with explanation of all Cease Fire and target-hanging procedures

  • Click HERE to BOOK NOW


Is it your first visit to our range?

Do you have a new pistol or need some help getting a red dot dialed in? 

Either way, a VIP Session is what you need to make the most of your next range visit, indoor or outdoor.

The VIP Session includes:

1 - Range Fee (indoor or outdoor)

1 - Target, any size

1 - Over-ear Hearing Protection

1 - Safety Glasses (eye protection)

1 - Instructor Presentation


With a VIP session, one of our Instructors will take the time to provide a personalized safety orientation, and help you work on specific issues or drills -- it's up to you.  
Make sure you get the VIP Treatment during your next visit. 
Call today 260-672-3715 (Option 1) or Click HERE to BOOK NOW. 

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