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Barrett M99 50 BMG Sniper Rifle

Here is your opportunity to get behind one of the largest caliber rifles on the market today. Paper targets will posted at 200 yards and shooters will be able to experience the awesome fire power of this weapon system.  

$65 firearm rental fee

$7 per round

- 5 round minimum, or 3 rounds per shooter

- Must use in-house ammo


rental buffet1.png

Indoor Handgun and Rifle (22LR) Rentals

With more than a dozen different pistols to choose from, this your your chance to try a Beretta, Glock or .357 Magnum revolver.  

$20 firearm rental fee 
(ask about discounts on multi-pistol/group rentals)

All  rental firearms will reaquire the purchase of ammo from the Range Office
(No outside or personal ammo allowed in rental 

Rental Information

All firearm rentals require the following:

- Must have valid government issued ID

- Must be able to legally own or posses a firearm

- Must complete HSS rental agreement prior to shooting


&K MP5A 9mm Submachine Gun

This is your chance to fire a FULL AUTO at 800 rounds per minute. Paper targets are included, as well as two, 25-round magazines.  Call the Range Office today and book some time with the MP5.  

$135 package rental

Package includes:

- Firearm Rental

- Indoor Range Lane Fee

- Paper Target

- Two 25 round magazines

- $25.00 per additional shooter

- $35.00 per additional magazine (25 rds)

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